Hurdy Gurdy Show


Fairs - Festivals - Parades or anywhere you need a Great Attention Getter !!!

The show features Magic, Puppets, Comedy, Music… and a cast of loveable Animatronic Monkeys.The show is hosted by the Hurdy Gurdy Man…Comedy performer and Master Magician, Blaine Goad.

Folks at your event will love the HURDY GURDY SHOW!

Although the show is geared towards the children, the adults will also enjoy it! It's tons of fun! Every child at the Hurdy Gurdy Show receives a free certificate for joining in the fun at the show! And, any child who is selected to come on stage as an assistant, receives a stuffed animal monkey!


Mr. Goad talks about various types of primates, such as: Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutans, Gibbons, etc...But the audience will be fascinated by the animatronics that make the monkeys appear to be alive and playing various musical instruments. The animatronics were created by Jim Bryant of Maine, who performed with the monkeys for nearly a quarter of a century. When Jim decided to retire, he asked Blaine Goad to take over the business. He really wanted to keep the show in New England and continue his legacy! The show is completely self-contained, with it's own props, backdrop and P.A. system. For open dates, fees and other details, please feel free to use our convenient contact form to arrange a meeting, either in person or via telephone at your convenience!